At each casino, users will find a unique online bonus casino with its own special wagering rules. Of course, it’s not difficult to break them down by type, but they’re surrounded by so many nuances that each establishment comes out with its own pattern. Some promotions are more profitable for the casino itself, while others are a little better for customers, and due to this attract more people.

What are online casino Freespins, which best online casino bonus USA gives on deposits and how to compare them, you will find out in the article below.

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What bonuses are available?

There are many ways to compare casino promotions, but the following is a discussion of the types of gifts. So, we can distinguish 4 types of offers.

Deposit bonuses

As the name implies, these promotions suggest that a customer deposits their funds into an account, and for this, the casino adds a gift of its own. This is usually the biggest casino bonus, and it is awarded to new players, on certain days or hours, or if you have a promo code. This is the most popular offer, and if the company also offers favourable terms for the customer, it can become the most lucrative.

No deposit bonuses

Such prizes internet casino bonus is usually given for performing certain actions, such as registering, subscribing to news or installing a mobile application on your smartphone. The amount of the promotion is usually rather symbolic, so it is simply inappropriate to talk about profits.


Spins are usually only offered to be spent on a particular online slot, although there are some companies that don’t limit the choice. To elaborate on the promotion, customers have to scroll through the winnings from the spins, which are credited first to the bonus account and wagered using the same system as the bonuses in the account.


Only a few online casino bonus USA offer such promotions, but they too are of interest. It should be noted that often such bonuses are made for live dealer games.  A standard promotion offers a refund of a percentage of the wager you lose, which is given once a week or a month and in most cases you need to wager it several times as well.

What parameters are used to compare promotions?

Now the basic types of shares are clear, but by what characteristics can they be compared? There are a few parameters that will help you understand if a gift is worth taking advantage of.


The main indicator of a promotion’s quality is its ability to win back the bonus, and it is the wager that shows this most clearly. Wager is a multiplier that tells you how many times you need to play the bonus before you receive it in your full possession. Generally, if we’re talking about casinos, the average wager is x25 to x45 and you should know the rules of wagering when you accept a bonus.

Note that the institution also strictly limits the customer in terms of time, giving them an average of a couple of weeks.

Bonus amount

While in no deposit promotions the amount is always the same, other gift offers offer flexible options that depend on the amount the user has deposited in their account.

For example, cashback and USA online casino bonus on deposit are accrued as a percentage of the amount wagered or money deposited into the account. While cashback should be divided into several percent, the deposit bonus should be tens or hundreds of percent.

As for the freespins, they are awarded by the piece. Since only winning money is taken into account in this promotion, the exact amount of the gift is impossible to predict. However, the vast majority of gambling establishments limit the maximum available winnings to a few hundred dollars.

Additional rules when wagering funds

In addition to the above indicators, we advise casino customers to pay attention to the rules that should be adhered to until the promotion is won back. These include limitations on wagering amounts and even restrictions on certain games, for example, some casino customers are not allowed to wager on live games or video slots from the list listed in the terms and conditions section. It should be noted that other casinos direct the flow of players to the right slots by reducing the wagering amount, which goes towards wagering on the bonus.

How to choose a bonus for yourself

An important thing to pay attention to is your personal preferences. For example, some users aren’t interested in freespins at all, while others try to get just them, because there are no particular problems with wagering the free spins. The same applies to restrictions such as the maximum bet amount. If you are used to playing for more than the amount allowed for wagering, it may be easier for you to opt out of the institution’s promotion than to make bets that are not enjoyable.


Now that you know what options the new casino bonus offers, you can imagine exactly what you’re expecting from the casino gift. Once you’ve found the offer you want, be sure to take a closer look at all of its nuances, right down to the rules that apply during the wagering of the bonus. This will help you not just get the bonus, but also wager it, withdraw it and spend it on your own needs.